A. PlanetProof certification

  1. I have a Milieukeur certificate for plant-based products; does this mean I can also carry the PlanetProof label?
    Yes, but only if you agree to an additional written verification by your certification body that you are using the PlanetProof name and logo according to the requirements. Your certification body will then send you an additional certificate after which you will be able to carry the PlanetProof name and logo. See website: PlanetProof in four steps.

  2. I do not yet have a Milieukeur certificate for plant-based products. How can I obtain PlanetProof certification? 
    Growers who want to obtain PlanetProof certification for their products must meet the Milieukeur cultivation requirements and the requirements for the use of the PlanetProof name and logo. See website: New applicants > Milieukeur/PlanetProof certification.

  3. Can I use the PlanetProof logo on Milieukeur products I package?
    If you trade in Milieukeur products, you can apply the PlanetProof quality mark to packaging for the consumer market if your Track & Trace system has been certified. See website: PlanetProof for traders and packaging companies.

B. PlanetProof communication/logo

  1. If my products are certified for PlanetProof, does this mean that I can also carry the Milieukeur label?
    Yes you can, because all PlanetProof products are certified according to the Milieukeur certification system.

  2. Am I allowed to display the Milieukeur and PlanetProof labels together?
    This is only allowed if you are PlanetProof certified, not if you only have a Milieukeur certificate. However, we advise against carrying both labels simultaneously on your products, as this can be confusing. You can display both labels on websites and other means of communication. As of 1-1-2019, Milieukeur for Plant products will be replaced by PlanetProof.

  3. Can I display the PlanetProof logo in my own corporate colours?
    No, the logo is only available in four versions. There is a petrol blue and a black version for use on light backgrounds and two versions for dark backgrounds. See website: Guidelines for using the PlanetProof logo.

  4. Once my plant-based products are PlanetProof certified, will this information be published on SMK websites?
    Yes, this will be published on both the Milieukeur and PlanetProof websites under the lists of certified products and companies.

C. PlanetProof fees

  1. How much does the verification of the use of the PlanetProof logo by the certification body cost?
    This is a verification in writing that you are using the PlanetProof name and logo according to the requirements. We cannot provide an indication of the costs as you must organise this verification directly with your certification body.

  2. Is the contribution for the PlanetProof certificate higher than that for the Milieukeur certificate?
    No, as of October 1, 2017, PlanetProof fees are equal to those of Milieukeur.