PlanetProof logo tool and guidelines

SMK and its certification bodies will monitor the correct use of the PlanetProof name and logo on products and in communication about products. This is to ensure that consumers and buyers really get what they are paying for. We also do this to protect our certified companies from unfair competition.

If you think the PlanetProof name and/or logo are being used wrongfully, you can take action. You will find a standard complaints form on our website where you can report incorrect or wrongful use of the PlanetProof name and logo. We will follow up your complaint and keep you informed of our findings. All complaints are handled according to the ‘Complaints, reviews and appeals regulations’ in the SMK Manual.

Protection against wrongful use or misrepresentation of Milieukeur

  • The PlanetProof label is registered with the Benelux Trademark Office: 08/11/2016, registration number 0998240.

Guidelines for using the PlanetProof logo

Detailed information about the terms and conditions of use of the PlanetProof name and logo are described in the ‘Supplementary decision on the general terms and conditions for Milieukeur vegetable products’. Certified companies are required to include their unique registration number in the PlanetProof logo.

The graphical application of the PlanetProof logo is described in an instruction brochure that is available for download.

PlanetProof logo tool

  • Complete this online form to receive the PlanetProof logo with your individual registration number (e.g., ABC 1234567). After our approval, you will receive high and low resolution files with the different variations of the logo (JPG and PNG).

Instruction Brochure