PlanetProof for Traders and Packers

'On the way to PlanetProof' is another and international name for Milieukeur Plant products; PlanetProof's sustainability criteria are fully identical to those of Milieukeur. As of 1-1-2019, Milieukeur for Plant products will be replaced by PlanetProof. The label can be used by all holders of the label for Milieukeur plant products.

PlanetProof certification is therefore mandatory for all companies that:

  • produce Milieukeur/PlanetProof certified plant products and sell them under the PlanetProof label
  • process and/or prepare Milieukeur/PlanetProof certified plant products and sell them under the PlanetProof label
  • purchase Milieukeur/PlanetProof certified non-prepackaged plant products and sell them under the PlanetProof label

PlanetProof certification is not mandatory for companies that:

  • only purchase and sell prepackaged PlanetProof-certified plant products
  • purchase non-prepackaged PlanetProof-certified plant products and do not sell them as certified products

All the links in the chain

Track & Trace is aimed at preventing comingling of certified products with non-certified products during storage/transport and production and processing processes. This requires that all organisations in the supply chain are Milieukeur/PlanetProof certified. In addition to the producers, this also includes any processors, preparers and traders.

Processors of certified products

The requirements set out in the Milieukeur scheme ‘Processed Products’ applies to preparers and processors.

Traders of certified products

Traders (those who do not make any changes to the products) only need to comply with the General Requirements of the Milieukeur certification scheme of the relevant product, including the requirements for Track & Trace.

Packagers of certified products

Packagers (companies which only package and make no changes to the product) have to comply with:

Frequency of audits

  • A yearly audit will be completed for traders and packagers of plant products who are not producers themselves.
  • In principle, certification can only take place once plant products have actually been obtained or processed. If the prospective certificate holder does not yet have a Milieukeur or PlanetProof product present at the company at the time of the initial audit, the method of Track & Trace can be audited on the basis of another, separate channelised and administered flow of certified products. This is only possible if the Milieukeur or PlanetProof product is going to be channelised and administered in the same way.
    If these requirements are met, the certification body can issue a certificate and registration number at this point in time. Within one month after the company has commenced processing or preparing the Milieukeur or PlanetProof product, the certification body will visit the certificate holder to verify that the working method that was established during the initial audit is being used.
  • See also the Q&A section for more information


All the links in the chain