Information for certificate holders

Information for certificate holders

The new name for Milieukeur, On the way to PlanetProof, underlines how sustainability is a continuous process of improvement, with the ultimate aim of ensuring a production system that is in harmony with the environment. PlanetProof was developed:

  • To enable the international application of the Milieukeur label for vegetable products (potatoes, vegetables, fruit, flower bulbs, trees, flowers and plants, etc.). SMK expects that farmers and growers who are looking to produce and export more sustainably will be interested in carrying this label. In the Netherlands, around 80% of the fruit, vegetables, ornamental flowers and trees produced is sold abroad. PlanetProof enables exporting farmers, growers, and trading houses to offer their customers added value.
  • This will improve the market position of sustainably cultivated Milieukeur vegetables and fruit both at home and abroad.


'On the way to PlanetProof' is another and international name for Milieukeur Plant products; PlanetProof's sustainability criteria are fully identical to those of Milieukeur. As of 1-1-2019, Milieukeur for Plant products will be replaced by PlanetProof.

The new label will be available to holders of the Milieukeur label for plant products. A number of conditions will apply. See:

PlanetProof is available to certified companies whose products comply with the requirements for Milieukeur plant products. Trading companies and retailers of plant products can also apply for PlanetProof certification.